Thursday, January 4, 2018

Being Yourself is not a Crime

Ram- Hi, Laxman.

Laxman- Oh! Ram. How are you?

Ram- I am fine. Thank you.. What about you?

Laxman- I am great. But, why are you looking upset? Is that anything wrong Ram?

Ram- Nothing serious.. I think some of my colleagues are not satisfied with me. They always endeavour to criticise me, even in my personal issues. They are attempting to meddle in my own life. I don’t know why. It irritates me all the time and I want to leave alone.

Laxman- Don’t worry friend!! Everything will fine. With you, as well as it happens now and then with everybody. So, don’t stress your mind. They are talking behind you because of their inability. Being yourself….

Just listen carefully what I am going to tell you…

Different kinds of people keep roaming around you. Everybody won't be so kind to you, in the meantime not all that bad to you as well. Some will appreciate you or criticise you. Someone will try to suppress your voice or encourage you. Also, there will be someone who may want to use you to get their work done. So, it is up to you that how to deal with them.

Moral of the story….

Simply, when we would overreact to any situation then we may face such difficulties. Be that as it may, it doesn't imply that one should suppress their own voice of rights in this democratic country. Everyone should just follow the truth, stay calm and do whatever they want to do, but with such positive intentions.

Just live the way you are and “Being yourself”; which is a not crime..

It is not about Ram and Laxman, but it is about everyone.

Stop humiliate and criticise others, but appreciate all.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Make a New Resolution in This New Year, 2018…

Happy Healthy and Energetic New Year!!

Let’s WELCOME the NEW YEAR 2018 that opens its arms with another 365 days. Let’s shake hands with another new year with positivity. In fact, this is the time that we celebrate with friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and companions. It is even an opportunity to unfold our thoughts and emotional feelings to share with our beloved one.

We sit tight for this promising minute consistently to celebrate. In this day, by and large, we meet our beloved one and wish them for their awesome future. Even, in this digital generation, we have discovered at last various sorts of social media mediums to talk about anything. Along these lines, we can interface with old companions, partners and send some sincere wishes. It is simply great, but what about your individuality. What are you going to do for yourself?

It doesn't care that we simply make a promise and overlook keenly… But, we require a couple of things that we ought to take after dedicatedly such as our intent, attention, and dedication to manifest it. We should have a clear vision to mark our perspectives. In this way, you can construct a bright future and compete with the world with the full of confidence. Best of luck!!

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2018………folks. May you love generously, live bravely and happily….May God Bless you…..

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A New Friendship Day


‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’…  A real friend can only understand the sentiments of this statement.

The first Sunday of August is the most happening day for all who trusts friendship. A grand celebration is showcasing its presence all over the world. The companion zones are rushed with fun, excitement, events, and so on. Everyone is busy with their close buddies in celebrating the occasion. In fact, in India, we praise it as a festival.

Human beings love to drive their feelings socially with someone else is known as a friend. Indeed, having a friend is an astounding part of our life. So, just to praise this novel feeling it was believed to have a day like ‘Friendship day’ devoted to Friendship.

Traditionally, people meet their companions physically and exchange greeting cards and flowers. But, the trend has been changed now with the presence of different types of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Hike, and so forth.

Above all, we are so finicky about friendship now-a-days. The truth is that we accept the friendship of someone when consequently, they ready to support us. Even, we don’t have few times to meet our friends. How sad is it?  Would you be able to envision that the way we are going in, how worst will be the situation in future..?

In a nutshell, the only celebration is not enough to mark this day. From my point of view, we should care for each other and we must do believe in our relations. At least, we should make some time for it. Friends, as well as we ought to devote this day to our entire beloved persons. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

“Mother” - My World & My Inspiration

Through My Eyes:

With due wholeheartedly respect and love all the Motherhood; I would state that my “MAMA” is my world and my inspiration. She is always being there for me in each and every progression of my life simply like a protector, like an adviser, like a caregiver. All I can say in regard to motherhood that all the love begins and ends there.

In a different culture, a Mother has different forename as MOTHER, MAMA, MUMMY, MOM, MAA, etc. I call my beloved Mother as “MAMA”. In fact, I can say that I have no words to fully express the sentiments about my mother.
Like others, I also have a beautiful experience with my “MAMA”. When I was a kid, she cares for me with so much love and affection. She guides that how to mark a step in each next stage. Her applause when I accomplished something. She undergoes miserable when I lost from my objectives however she never neglected to spur me to continue attempting.

Even, during my growing age, my “MAMA” showed the significance of life like an educator. She trained me like a soldier to confront the world with courage. She instructed about the tradition and culture of our human society. She shared her experience with me that how to survive in the social life and how to talk mannerly with others.

Indeed, in my struggling period, “MAMA” dependably addressed that ‘Never loses hope..Everything will be fine..Keep trying and try to be the best version of you’. I never forget that inspiring words of her that energises me throughout the life. In addition, she taught me every aspect that helps to accomplish my coveted objectives. 

A famous quote by Jewish proverb- “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”…. This line clearly characterised that god favoured us with an exceptional and valuable blessing as a Mother.

Furthermore, I hope that everyone should concur that the lady as a mother who often loves us and forfeits for us at any condition deserve the best. Somehow, we simply neglect to appreciate each and everything that our mother accomplished for us magnanimously without ever grumbling.

We celebrate Mother’s Day in honouring the motherhood and motherly bonds. But, it is not sufficient to simply celebrate the Mother’s Day. Indeed, it is our responsibility to better deal with their emotions and furthermore the entire family. In the event that we will be proficient to make anything that makes our parents satisfied, then that will be the genuine achievement. Think about it, once.

I love you, MAMA. You are the real inspiration for me.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

6 Reasons to Get Addicted to Meditation

Most of the people are now getting addicted to Meditation due to various reasons and use it as a therapeutic tool. According to new studies, a large portion of the people has no free time after their busy schedule and getting suffered from depression, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, etc. In fact, different types of meditative practices help you to reduce anxiety and strain and increase the level of general psychological comfort.

There are many proven reasons available that’s why one should be addicted to meditation. This article will demonstrate the depth of this spiritual technique. 

In depth Knowledge of Meditation:

The term Meditation has been practising from the ancient times. The ancient history of this term is closely restricted with the religious background. It was practised as a piece of a few religious traditions and values. In fact, the term ‘meditative practice’ holds different definition according to different authors.
It includes varieties of techniques, which will be benefited for health and mind. It helps to build inner peace, enhance empathy, love, patience, etc. Basically, through these traditional techniques, an individual can instruct their mind and stimulate a mode of awareness. The meditative practices also support to producing an emotional state for the idea of exploring the state, for instance, anger, hatred, etc. and developing the compassionate state.
In general, the meditative practices have different types of forms such as mindfulness, transcendental, compassion, mantra, Vipassana, Art of Living breathing practices, Yoga Nidra, yoga, loving-kindness, tai chi, etc. But, among all of those different forms, mindfulness Meditation seems generally advantageous. 
In this mindfulness process, an individual should just focus on one single thought and concentrate on the present situation. You can do it by three ways, for instance, focusing on the breath, observing each inhalation and exhalation, and ‘Om’ chanting process without thinking about other thoughts.
Indeed, it is not easy to follow it in one day rather it is a long-term process. You can achieve the Benefits of Meditation by doing it on a regular basis. In fact, many Neuroscientists used MRIs to evaluate the brains of meditators with other, which show that meditative practices experience physical changes of the brain.

6 Reasons to get Addicted to Meditation:

Increase self-happiness: In the current scenario, it is observed that most of the people are not feeling mentally peace due to their hectic work schedule. It boosts their level of depression, stress, and anxiety, which can cause inflammation that directly linked to heart disease, arthritis, asthma and skin conditions such as psoriasis.  They can switch off these issues by proper meditative practices. More you practice these techniques, the more benefit you will experience in your life. Try it for 15-20 minutes once a day; you will feel the more self-happiness.

Boost your health: Proper practice of these techniques will definitely boost your health by both mentally and physically. Many neuroscientists are proven scientifically that proper Meditation on a regular basis can actually reduce your blood pressure, boost your immune system, make you emotionally balanced, decreases the risk of heart diseases and stroke, decreases inflammatory disorders, handle the heart rate and respiratory rate and so on. Therefore, it will give you a complete treatment.   

Increase your memory size: This practice boosts your brain capacity or it can increase the power of memory for a better response. Long-term practice of meditation expands grey matter thickness in the areas of the brain connected with learning, memory, self-awareness, compassion. In other words, it upgrades various mental capacities and enhances cortical thickness in regions identified by focusing.

Improve your efficiency: A better productivity can cause by two major things such as attention and concentration. When an individual is capable of paying the attention and properly concentrate on one area at a time, then definitely they can be more productive in their working field. Meditative practices even enhance multitask capabilities and increase creativity but you should consider the proper Meditation Tips. But, these techniques will give you the proper result by a regular practice.  

Slower ageing process: Meditation techniques also help in longer life and lower danger of falling prey to different sicknesses. A regular practice of these techniques can boost your Telomeres chromosome that keeps your cells fresh and healthy. It helps to slow down your ageing process and glow your skin.

Improve social relationship: In the last but not the least, better personal and social connections are the most important things for us to survive in the society. Without it, we feel lonely and go into a deep depression. While doing meditation consistently every day, it will make you compassionate and improves emotional intelligence to deal with social life. 


In a nutshell, “Meditation” can be used as a therapeutic tool in our life. You will be absolutely experienced the paybacks. If you don’t have the time to do it twice a day, then you can do it once a day for 15-20 minutes. Do it consistently and get benefited.